Dr. Albert Bandura - Famous Works

Dr. Bandura is perhaps most famous for his Bobo doll experiment in the 1950’s. At the time there was a popular belief that learning was a result of reinforcement. In the Bobo Doll Experiment, Dr. Bandura presented children with social models of novel (new) violent behaviour or non-violent behaviour towards the inflatable redounding Bobo doll. The children who viewed the violent behaviour were in turn violent towards the doll; the control group was rarely violent towards the doll. Dr. Bandura and his colleagues Dorrie and Sheila Ross showed that social modeling is a very effective way of learning. Dr. Bandura went on to incorporate social modeling into his views on social learning theory which had a huge impact on psychology in the 1980’s. Social learning theory focuses on what people learn from observing and interacting with other people.