Dr. Robert Hare - Early Academics

Young Robert did well in school and often found it very easy. He recalls that he “coasted” through high school, enjoying football and other sports. He says his grades were not as high as they could have been if he had applied himself. However, Robert attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton for his Bachelor of Arts degree.

When he entered University he did not have a clear picture of what he wanted to do with his education. At first he was interested in archaeology and ancient history. When asked what interested him in psychology Dr. Hare replied, “I have no real idea about that. I used to envy all my friends who knew exactly what they were going to do.” He took an introductory course in psychology, which he found to be of some interest, and then took another, which lead to another, until when he graduated he had a degree with an emphasis on psychology which he claims was “more by default.”