Alinda Friedman

Department of Psychology
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2E9
Ph: 1-780-492-2909
Fx: 1-780-492-1768

Alinda Friedman










My main research interests are in the area of visual and spatial cognition. One line of my research is concerned with how geographical knowledge is represented in memory, and how that affects judgments about locations, distances, and relationships among geographical entities. I want to know how biases in geographical knowledge arise, and how to correct them. To this end, I have conducted research about how people estimate locations of cities around the world, and how they incorporate new information into their geographical knowledge. I am also interested in the representation of “local” geography, and how learning a place by navigating through it may provide different kinds of knowledge than learning via maps.

A second line of research has addressed issues like (1) how do we recognize familiar objects? (2) what is encoded and remembered about an object the first time we see it? (3) are objects remembered from a specific point of view? And (4) how does having a characteristic motion influence object recognition? I would like to know how people do these things in the real world as well as in virtual reality. I also am interested in how birds recognize objects, and what differences, if any exist for them between real objects and their images.

Third, I am interested in the relationship between the processes and types of representations that are used in object recognition and those that are recruited when we encode and remember complex, real-world scenes.


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