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Department of Psychology, BioCognition Unit, Centre for Neuroscience, University of Alberta


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Milan G. Njegovan, Ph.D., C.C.C., A.C.A.D.,
Assistant Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Research Interests

Songbird perception and animal cognition.

Recent Publications

Weisman, R.G., Njegovan, M.G., Williams, M.T., Cohen, J.S., & Sturdy, C.B. (2004) A behavior analysis of absolute pitch: Sex, experience, and species. Behavioral Processes, 66, 289-307. [PDF]

Weisman, R.G., Njegovan, M.G., Williams, M., Cohen, J., & Sturdy, C.B. (in press). The comparative psychology of absolute pitch. Invited chapter submitted to Comparative Cognition: Experimental Explorations of Animal Intelligence, T. Zentall and E.A. Wasserman, Eds.

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