Dr. Doug Wylie

Bird Brains Lab

Phone: 780-492-5274

Lab Phone: 780-492-7239

Fax: 780-492-1768

E-mail: dwylie@ualberta.ca

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Dr. Andrew Iwaniuk

Centre for Neuroscience

Department of Psychology

University of Alberta

E-mail: dwylie@ualberta.ca

Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience

Lethbridge University

E-mail: aniwaniuk@gmail.com

The Bird Brains Lab, headed up by Doug Wylie and Andrew Iwaniuk, is aimed at understanding various perceptual and cognitive processes using a variety of neuroscience techniques applied to the avian brain. Although quite closely inter-related, the emphasis of Wylie's research is on sensory-motor processing, in particular brainstem-cerebellar visual systems, whereas the emphasis of Iwaniuk's research is on the evolution of the brain and the effects of persistent organic pollutants on the brain and behaviour of vertebrates.

Bird-brain (bűrd brăn)1. a person regarded as silly or stupid.