Numerical Cognition: Adding it Up
Jo-Anne LeFevre
Carleton University

In this talk, I will start with a historical overview of one field – variously labeled “numerical cognition” or “mathematical cognition.” Focusing on the more inclusive term “numerical cognition,” I will discuss the evolution and development of this field in the context of the cognitive revolution, which started in the mid-1950s. I will discuss the development of numerical cognition as it connects, more generally, to the six areas that form the interdisciplinary enterprise of cognitive science. I will discuss highlights of my own work over the last 30 years and outline two directions of my current work: on mental arithmetic and on the development of mathematical cognition in children aged 4 through 10. One important goal will be to highlight the major findings in the field both for the experts and those who are less familiar with this topic. In sum, I intend to sketch a context within which to appreciate the neural, computational, and behavioral work that the other four speakers will present on Saturday.