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Behaviour in relation to genetics

Psychology 372
Course Syllabus

Peter L. Hurd, Ph.D
Fall, 2003
Days: Mon, Weds & Fri
Times: 13:00 - 13:50
Location: Physics Building: Room V102
PSYCO 372 provides an introduction to the field of behavioural genetics. The course includes an examination of the influence of genetic variation on human and animal behaviour, and an overview of basic principles of heredidty, population and quantitative genetics with respect to behaviour. Social and ethical issues related to human behavioural genetic research will also be examined.
PSYCO 105, PSYCO 105, BIOL 207 and one of PSYCO 211 or STAT 151
Plomin, Defries, McClearn & McGuffin: Behavioral Genetics W H Freeman & Co.; 4th edition
See detailed schedule on schedule page . 
There will be three exams: two mid terms (Oct 1, Oct 31) and a final (Dec 9). 
Grades will be assigned based on three exams, two mid-term exams and a final.
Each of the two mid-terms are worth 32% and the final is worth 36% of the final grade.
Final grade will be marked on a curve, the approximate proportion of final grades is given in the table below.
Letter Grade: A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D F-
Grade Points: 4.0 4.0 3.7 3.3 3.0 2.7 2.3 2.0 1.7 1.3 1.0 0
% of Class 6% 8% 10% 11% 16% 15% 13% 7% 5% 3% 3% 3%
Grade interpretation: A=Excellent, B=Good, C=Satisfactory, D+=Poor, D=Minimal Pass, F=Failure
Missed Midterms: 
University policy requires a University of Alberta Medical Statement Form, indicating some incapacitating medical illness or condition, for students to be excused for missing any exam worth more than 20% of the final grade (which includes all exams in this course).
Notes from doctors do not automatically grant an excused absence. Further information, and downloadable form available at
Students missing exams due to a death in the immediate family will be required to provide official documentation.
Given satisfactory documentation of a near-death experience, the student will have the weight of their final exam increased to make up for the missed mid-term. Expect later exams to cover harder material. Please don't miss anything! 
Midterm exam fineprint: 
Students are not allowed to have any electronic devices with them during any of the exams. For example: No CD/MP3 players or walk-beings, No cell phones (whether or not they do SMS text messaging), No PDAs (palmpilots, handsprings and the like), No electronic translation devices, No calculators, No laser pointers. Also forbidden are: any and all hats, sunglasses, rulers and protractors, ouija boards, etc. During mid-terms all bags, purses etc. are to be put that the front of the lecture hall. All students are to bring to exams is themselves, their pencils, erasers, sharpeners and Student Cards. Students neglecting to bring their One cards will be photographed. 
Missed final exam; deferred final exam: 
Missed finals are out of my hands, students missing the final must apply to their faculty office, or the registrars office for, a deferral.
Deferred finals will be written at 4:30PM, Monday, Feb 23rd, 2004.
Fer crissakes, DON'T MISS THE FINAL!!
Academic Offences: 
Plagiarism and cheating are serious offences and are grounds for failure, suspension, or expulsion.  
Cheating: No student shall, in the course of an exam, obtain information from another student or unauthorized source or have someone else represent them. It is an equal offence to deliver information to another student, in any form, in the course of an exam. Students should refer to page 80 of the 2001/2002 University of Alberta Calendar (Section 26; Code of Student Behaviour) for a full description of academic offences. This section can also bo found on the online Code of Student Behaviour

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