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Pete Hurd: Past Anonymous Student Evaluation Comments

I would like to thank all the students who have provided feedback to me as a teacher. Whether it's in person, via e-mail or anonymous student evaluations, flattery is transiently nice, but helping me improve is better. I'm working hard at talking slower, remembering to repeat student questions before answering them, get more organized, and not mumble at the floor. It's a daily battle.

How much to expect students to read outside the textbook, how to know whether enough of the class has understood a topic before moving on, and how to enforce curteous silence in massive lecture halls without being rude are all ongoing questions of balance. This balance is refined and tuned through your feedback, help me to help you.

That said, here's a (fairly?) representative sample of some previous student evaluation comments.

Biostatistics 318M (Lab Component, 2000) --- U. Texas at Austin

Biostatistics 318M (Lecture Component, 2001) --- U. Texas at Austin

Bootstrapping, Randomization and Experimental Statistics PSYCO 402/505 (2003) --- U. Alberta

Behaviour in relation to genetics P372 (2003) --- U. Alberta

Aggressive behaviour P403/505 (2004) --- U. Alberta

Basic Psychological Processes PSYCO 104 (2001, 2002, 2003) --- U. Alberta

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