What is the GPA?

The University of Alberta Graduate Psychology Association is an officially registered student group which represents all psychology graduate students at the U of A. We are organized to represent students at decision-making committees at the departmental level, run social and academic events, and support one another in our research, professional and social lives throughout grad school.

The GPA holds meetings approximately once per term, with the main meeting usually held in September to welcome the new students. There are two co-chair positions, with the junior chair replacing the senior chair every year. The co-chairs organize meetings, represent the GPA at the departmental meetings, and act as advisors to students in need. Other positions in the GPA include the Psychoquium coordinators, a Social Events team, Graduate Lunch Series coordinators, and representatives to the University of Alberta Graduate Students' Association Council. All of these positions are elected, and are typically filled at the September meeting.

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The GPA Committees

  • Social and Fundraising Committee

    The organizers of a variety of social events to encourage friendships within the department and the team behind the annual Pie-A-Prof fundraiser benefiting the Edmonton Food Bank.

  • Psychoquium Lecture Series

    An annual lecture series organized by graduate students for members of the Department of Psychology, the University of Alberta, and the general public.

  • Academic Committee

    A collaboration with the Undergraduate Psychology Association to share the knowledge and experience of graduate students with interested undergraduate students.

  • GSA Councillors

    Our representatives at the Graduate Psychology Association meetings to disseminate relevant knowledge and represent our interests.

  • Graduate Lunch Series

    A forum for graduate students to practice talks or posters for upcoming conferences and presentations with the benefit of feedback from an experienced audience of their peers.

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Our Members

Tiffany Kung

GPA Co-Chair

Anna Kalisvaart

GPA Co-Chair

Connor Lambert

Secretary and Treasurer

Sarah Sheldon

Social Coordinator

Brenna Zatto

Psychoquium Chair

Vrushali Rao Gumnur

Fundraising Coordinator

Cassandra Wilkinson

Grad Lunch Series Coordinator<

Angela Ma

GSA Councillor

Ruby Prinsen

GSA Councillor

Farzaneh Anjomshoae

Psychoquium Executive

Anahita Shokrkon

Psychoquium Executive

Daniel Robles

VP Info Tech