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The Language Independent of Neighbourhood Generator of the University of Alberta, a tool that counts word frequencies and calculates orthographic neighbourhoods, ngrams and generates non-words in any written language.

LINGUA is a platform-independent (Mac, Windows, Unix) GUI-based Java program. It is distributed as a JAR file. Software Requirement : Please make sure you have version 1.5 or greater of the Java Runtime Environment before using LINGUA.

The current version of LINGUA is Version 1.2 (released on July 15th, 2008). It contains a few improvements over previous versions:
  • Improved support for a variety of dictionary file formats.
  • Ability to get orthographic neighbors for a small set of words by inputing those words directly into the user interface.

Documentation and Citation:

Westbury, C., Hollis, G. & Shaoul, C. (2007). LINGUA: The Language-Independent Neighbourhood Generator of the University of Alberta.  The Mental Lexicon, 2:2, 273-286

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Acknowledgments: This research was supported by NSERC.

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