The following are workshops that have been run by previous interns of the Instructional Technology and Resources Lab. The powerpoint presentations associated with each presentation are found below.

***Please note that as of current, the following presentations can only be properly viewed using Internet Explorer (IE).

Course Web Site Development

This workshop covers the basics steps in creating and editing a class Web page using Netscape Composer and the Department of Psychology's Course Web Site Templates.

Effective Lecturing with Power Point

This workshop will review techniques for creating effective Power Point presentations and discuss effective techniques for presenting lectures with Power Point.

Introduction to the Instructional Technology & Resources Lab

This workshop is designed to introduce staff to the functions and capabilities of the Instructional Technology Lab.

Introduction to WebCT Vista

This workshop details the basic features and advantages of running a WebCT Vista-based course.

(Developed by Karyna Soco)

Instructional Web Design

This workshop examines techniques for designing using Web-based media as a teaching tool, focusing on Web page construction.

Password Protecting Your Web Page

Learn how to allow only specific users to access your Web page. This workshop provides instructions for Web pages hosted by the University of Alberta server or the Department of Psychology server.

Poster Presentations Made Easy

This workshop presents basic instructions for creating a Poster Presentation, including page setup, layout, content and printing.

Presenting with PowerPoint

This presentation covers the step by step development of a Power Point presentation to illustrate its uses as a supplement to lectures.