Peter Dixon

I am interested in a range of different phenomena in cognition, including psycholinguistics, discourse processing, attention, vision, motor control, statistical methods. Current research projects in the lab include:

  • Mind wandering: By many accounts, mind wandering is ubiquitous and is a common feature of our daily lives. I am investigating how mind wandering interacts with memory, reading comprehension, and other tasks.
  • The narrator: Narrative discourse is conveyed by a narrator, the implied speaker of the words of the narrative. I and my collaborators are studying how the narrator is processed and how that processing affects the interpretation of characters and narrative events.
  • Cognitive control: How we decide to perform different cognitive tasks, and how we determine the nature of the task processes, are critical to understanding the nature of cognition. I am using a variety of different paradigms and chronometric techniques to investigate how cognitive control decisions are executed and what the implications of those decisions are.