About this Site

Dr. Wahlsten is Professor of Psychology in the Faculty of Science and Adjunct Professor in the Division of Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine. He studies individual differences in brain structure and behaviour, specializing in genetic experimentation and statistical analysis of data. His laboratory research involves mice, while explorations of theoretical and statistical issues span a wide range of species, including humans.

This website lists samples of recent publications and brief descriptions for five categories of research. A more complete listing is available in the Curriculum Vitae in the Biography section.

Current projects involving unpublished material:

1. Genetic linkage analysis of absent corpus callosum

2. Cross-laboratory validation of standardized tests of mouse behaviour

3. Implications of the Human Genome Project for psychology

4. The biological unreality of "g" (general intelligence)

5. History of eugenic sterilization in Alberta

6. Principles of behavioural and neural genetics

June 25, 1999 by D.W.