Winter  2021

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fall  2020

Date Speaker Title
Departmental seminar
YanFei SongDoes social attention manifest similarly across virtual and in-person settings?
Dr Peggy St. JacquesMultiple Visual Perspectives in Memories for Events
Departmental seminar
Dr Peter DixonMind wandering and temporal focus
Reading Week
Dr Elena NicoladisAll memories are mine: Preschool children include events from multiple sources in remembering events from their lives
Departmental seminar
Yanfei QiDoes social attention manifest similarly across virtual and in-person settings?
(during final exam period)


Winter 2020

Date Speaker Title
Jan-17Dr Alex TaikhFinding language (and language learning) in the brain
Jan-24Dr Brea ChouinardDecoding words from phrases: Impact of composition on word representations in MEG measurements of picture naming
Jan-31No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar---
Feb-07Dr Peter Dixon Measuring the flexibility of nonlinear models
Feb-14 Sarah Sheldon Effects of  Covert Attention on Orientation Detection and Perception: An EEG study
Feb-21No CogSem due to Reading Week---
Feb-28(tentative) departmental seminar---
Mar-06Dr Elena NicoladisI can't get that pitch metaphor out of my head
Mar-13 Dr Ben Dyson Using game spaces to understand the dynamics of competitive decision-making
Mar-20Dr Peggy St Jacques Cancelled (due to COVID-19 lockdown)
Mar-27(tentative) No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar---
Apr-03Good Friday
Apr-10Kate(Xuehui) LeiCancelled (due to COVID-19 lockdown)
Apr-17Dr Claudia GonzalezCancelled (due to COVID-19 lockdown)
Apr-24(tentative) departmental seminar---

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Title

No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar_
Dr Chris Westbury The heterophenomenology of affective word judgments: Why we shouldn’t trust what people say they feel about words?
Dr Jeremy CaplanModels of association-memory: mistreatment or bonus feature?
Dr David Sidhu
Studies of Sound Symbolism and Iconicity
No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar_
Dr Hamad Al-AzaryMetaphor and Semantic Richness: Less is More
No CogSem due to Reading Week _
Jeremy Thomas The Nature of Interactive Imagery as a Strategy for Association Memory and its Implications for Mathematical Modelling
(tentative) No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar_
Dr Dana Hayward
Load, dilution, or something else? “Cluttering up” the face to explore social attention 


Date Speaker Title
Apr 19No CogSem due to Good Friday
Apr 18Magda Jordão (Special talk on Thursday in BS P116)Age-related differences in the quantity and quality of spontaneous thought
Apr 12__
Apr 5No CogSem due to Royce Conference
Mar 29_ _
Mar 22__
Mar 15Sucheta ChakravartyUsing brain activity during study to predict future memory
Mar 8Dr. Albert VetteFrom postural system identification to gait stability assessment – the value of the Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) in human movement research
Mar 1No CogSem due to Departmental seminar_
Feb 22 No CogSem due to Reading week _
Feb 15Dr. Cody FreasNavigational Cue Use and Integration in Socially and Individually Foraging Ant Species
Feb 8__
Feb 1Dr. Elena NicoladisDoes knowing “vélo” and “bicyclette” make a difference in novel word learning?
Jan 25No CogSem due to Departmental seminar_
Jan 18Dr. Jacqueline CummineFrom Lollipops to Lidocaine: Changes in Somatosensory Feedback Modifies Word Recognition Performance
Jan 11Dr. Peter DixonBut just how big should the effect be, anyway? A core qustion for statistical inference

FALL 2018

Date Speaker Title
Dec 7 Dr. Jeremy Caplan Congruity effects in memory and comparative judgement
Nov 30 Departmental Seminar _
Nov 23 Cancelled _
Nov 16 No CogSem due to Reading Week _
Nov 9 Sarah Sheldon Effects of Random Fluctuations in Alpha Oscillations on Orientation Detection: An EEG Study
Nov 2 Hajin Lee Influence of Cultural Contexts on Daily Stress Experiences 
Oct 26 Departmental Seminar _
Oct 19 Dr. Chris Westbury Why is prenominal adjective orders such a fat big deal?
Oct 12 Wenjing He &
Dr. Xianta Jiang
Synchronization of pupil dilations reveals team performance
Measuring Surgeon's Workload in OR using Eye-tracker Technology
Oct 5 Dr. Vadim Bulikto Artificial General Intelligence via A-life
Sep 28 No CogSem due to Mental Lexicon 2018 _
Sep 21 Week of distinguished lecture series _
Sep 14 Cancelled _
Sep 7 _ _

Winter 2018

Date Speaker Title
Apr 6 Royce Conference _
Mar 30 Good Friday _
Mar 23 Lin Wang Effects of Familiarity and Room Size on the Interaction between Geometry and Features during Reorientation
Mar 16 Geoff Hollis A model of Classical Conditioning: applied to animal learning and language learning
Mar 2 Aishah Abdul Rahman Inhibition in Children: the effect of time pressure and emotion
Feb 23 Reading Week _
Feb 16 Departmental Seminar _
Jan 26 Departmental Seminar _
Jan 12 Jeremy Caplan Ebbinghaus is flipping in his grave: recalling lists backward, chunking, and the case for an associative basis of serial-order memory

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title
Dec 8 Daphne Vrantsidis Children's Executive Functions in Context
Dec 1 Kyle Mathewson Attention as a movement
Nov 24 No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar _
Nov 17 No CogSem due to Reading Week _
Nov 10 No CogSem due to Psychonomics _
Nov 3 Lei Zhang Cue combination of visual landmarks and path integration in human spatial positioning
Oct 27 Chris Westbury Schooling Chomsky's Imagination: unifying morphology, semantics and pos tagging as vector computation
Oct 20 Week of Distinguished lecture series _
Oct 13 Michael Wohl Words are like dust in the wind: intergroup apologies and the rocky road to reconciliation
Oct 6 _ _
Sep 29 No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar _
Sep 22 Vadim Bulitko Towards Positively Surprising Non-Player Characters in Video Games
Sep 15 _ _
Sep 08 No CogSem due to Department meeting _

Winter 2017

Date Speaker Title
Apr 21 Daphne Vrantsidis to be updated
Apr 14 No CogSem due to Good Friday _
Apr 7 Norman Brown Autobiographical Memories: (Mostly) Selfless and (Almost Always) Vivid
Mar 31 No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar _
Mar 24 No CogSem due to Annual Royce Conference _
Mar 17 Marcia Spetch and Vadim Bulitko Navigation and search behaviour in Sonoran desert ants
Mar 10 No CogSem due to Neuroscience Research Day _
Mar 3 No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar _
Feb 24 No CogSem due to Reading week _
Feb 17 No CogSem due to Annual Council meeting _
Feb 10 Jeremy Caplan and Sucheta Chakravarty Reward driven memory biases may be due to utility rather than value
Feb 3 Gautham Vasan Learning from demonstration: teaching a myoelectric prosthesis with an intact limb via reinforcement learning
Jan 27 No CogSem due to Departmental Seminar _
Jan 20 _ _
Jan 13 No CogSem due to Distinguished Lecture Series _

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
Dec 2 Peter Dixon Assessing Mind Wandering and Comprehension
Nov 25 No cogsem due to department seminar _
Nov 18 Jeffrey Pisklak Hunting for Woozles: Testing the Functional Role of Near Miss Events on Behabiour
Nov 11 No cogsem due to reading week _
Nov 4 Jeremy Caplan Justin and Pierre, Hillary and Bill: Associative Interference and its Resolution
Oct 28 No cogsem due to department seminar _
Oct 21 Jonathan Kuziek Walking the Path Towards Mobile EEG Experimentation
Oct 14 No cogsem _
Oct 7 Karen (Yu) DU Unidirectional influence of vision on interoception in multi-modal spatial representations acquired from navigation
Sep 30 No cogsem due to department seminar _
Sep 23 Lei Zhang Selective resetting position and heading estimations during driving in a large-scale environment
Sep 16 Chris Westbury Beyond ‘takete’ and ‘maluma’: Using big data to understand sound symbolism

Winter 2016

Date Speaker Title
Apr 22 Yvonne Chen Neural correlate of memory: from encoding to retrieval
Apr 15 No cogsem due to department seminar _
Apr 8 Ruojing Zhou When a boundary does not rule: Unpacking localization and cognitive mapping process relative to a boundary cue
Apr 1 Tomi Ann Limcangco and Kenichi Kato James Dean or Dean James? Order memory with pairs of words
Mar 25 No cogsem due to Good Friday _
Mar 18 No cogsem due to Brain Week _
Mar 11 No cogsem due to Royce Conference _
Mar 4 Matthew Russell Culture, Sociality, and Attention to Context
Feb 26 No cogsem due to department seminar _
Feb 19 No cogsem due to reading week _
Feb 12 Amelia Shi The Structure and Content of Autobiographical Events.
Feb 5 Neil McMillan Pigeons don't wear watches: So what's the deal with interval timing?
Jan 29 No cogsem due to department seminar _
Jan 22 Sandra Wiebe Cognitive flexibility in early and middle childhood: Insights from behaviour and ERPs
Jan 15 Esther Fujiwara (Co-sponsored with department seminar) Neuropsychiatry of decision making
Jan 8 Christopher Madan Making reward-related decisions from experience: Considering the role of memory