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Dr. Chris Westbury-- personal web site
Principal Investigator
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pix of chrisMy interests are in understanding what language is and how it is neurologically instantiated. Empirical methods I have used include experiments with normals, the systematic study of brain-damaged subjects, and, in collaboration with other colleagues, brain-imaging using fMRI. I try to use formal (mathematically and/or computationally well-defined) methods and statistical explanatory frameworks. I am particularly interested in statistical models of semantics (co-occurrence models) and in using automated methods (most recently, genetic programming) to find formal descriptions of large datasets.

Lab Alumae

Cyrus Shaoul -- personal web site
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Gail Moroschan -- personal web site

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Emilio Gagliardi

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Signy Sheldon -- personal web site
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Geoff Hollis - personal web site
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Nayha Acharya

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