Digital resources from members of the Westbury Psycholinguistics Lab.

Word Lists
Co-occurrence derived estimates of human judgments for 23,162 English words: Affective arousal and valence, subjective familiarity, and imageability (October, 2014)
USENET Orthographic Frequencies for the 40,481 words in the English Lexicon Project. (2005-2006)
USENET Orthographic Frequencies for over 111,000 words (2005-2006)
USENET Orthographic Frequencies for 1,618,598 types. (2005-2006)
8000 NW Audio [.AIFF] files (2018)
Orthographic Neighborhoods for over 111,000 English words
Neighborhood Density Measures for 57,153 English Words.
A 900 million word Wikipedia snapshot corpus. (2010) [BETA VERSION]
A 29 billion word USENET corpus. (2005-2010) [BETA VERSION]
Vector Sets
HiDEx word vectors created from a Wikipedia corpus. [BETA VERSION]


Software we make available to the public

NEW! HiDEx: High Dimensional Explorer
Beta Version 0.06, released Sept 1st 2013.
A software tool to create and explore high-dimensional models of lexical co-occurrence. [For Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X only. Compilation required.]
ACTUATE: Assessing Cases : The University of Alberta Testing Environment.
A platform independent tool for administering simple psychological experiments and tests. [Mac and Windows versions are now available.]
NUANCE: The Naturalistic University of Alberta Nonlinear Correlation Explorer.
A platform-independent genetic programming environment for non-linear curve fitting.
LINGUA: The Language Independent Neighbourhood Generator of the University of Alberta
A platform-independent application for making dictionaries from corpora and counting orthographic neighbours and N-grams.
ALFAB: The Alberta Language Function Assessment Battery
A fully-computerized English-language aphasia battery consisting of 27 subtests, released under a Creative Commons license; available for both Mac and Windows.
TalkTimer: A simple program (for Macintosh and Windows) intended to time academic talks
CorrelationPCalculator: A spreadsheet that will calculate the p value of a linear correlation.

Disclaimer - the above software are provided 'as is' without express or implied warranties. The software is provided gratuitously for academic and personal use and in good faith, but the authors shall not be liable for any damages suffered by you or any other user of the software.

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