Peter L. Hurd, Professor.
Department of Psychology, &
Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6G 2E9

Ph (office) : 780.492-3578
Ph (dry lab) : 780.492-5259
Ph (wet lab) : 780.492-8058
Fax (dept): 780.492-1768

Office: Biological Sciences Building, Room P-449
Office Hours: 11:00 - 12:00 Weds and Fri
Pete Hurd

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Research and Supervision in the Hurd Lab:

Lab members conduct research in the broad areas of neuroscience, behavioural ecology, genetics and personality in both human and non-human animals. Personality-like traits that we are particularly interested in include aggressiveness and stress coping style. We are interested in how the developmental process of sexual differentiation produces personalities, brains, and bodies on a non-binary male-to-female spectrum, and how exposure to stressors early in life shapes adult personality and physiology.

Using both humans and cichlid fish as research subjects, members of my lab investigate the links between environmental influences, genes, hormones, brain and behaviour. My work has examined how individual variation in social behaviour:

A write-up of some of my more recent-ish research can be found in this departmental researcher highlight, glib biographical academic profile, and an amusing older Prof of the Month interview. Some of my older research is profiled in this University press release, and coverage of some of my grad student, Allie Bailey's, work. More coverage by of the same work by the BBC, the New York Times, Discover Magazine, Scientific American Mind, National Geographic and Jay Leno.

Student Opportunities: Openings for Graduate and Undergraduate students, and funded Postdocs, exist in the lab (click for more information).

Teaching and Advising:

A list of courses I have taught, some words about my teaching philosophy etc. are on my Teaching Page, a collection of gathered wisdom for students on the general topic of learning and scholarship can be found on my Page of Assorted Cruft.

Recent Work:

Full publication list here