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USENET Orthographic Frequencies for 111,627 English Words. (2005-2006)

These frequencies were derived from a corpus of USENET postings. This corpus was collected between Oct 2005 and August 2006, and covers 47860 English language, non-binary-file news groups. The list of words is not a complete list of words found in the corpus, but rather a large list that we use for psycholinguistic research.

Processing: All NNTP headers were discarded. All message bodies that had the same 128bit SHA-1 hash as other message bodies were discarded (reducing duplication of documents from cross-posts). All lines that began with the quote characters (">" "<", "|", ":","#","!" and "%") were not processed in order to reduce text duplication. This step removed 35% of the lines in the corpus. All text was converted into uppercase, and all punctuation, except for the apostrophe, was removed.

Corpus size:   7,781,959,860 words

Citation: Shaoul, C. & Westbury C. (2006) USENET Orthographic Frequencies for 111,627 English Words. (2005-2006)  Edmonton, AB: University of Alberta (downloaded from

Acknowledgments: This work would not have been possible without the hardware and software provided by the TaPoR project. This research is also supported by NSERC.

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